“Eticonsult is professional”

Claudio Cucco

Trainer and coach in the area of ​​organizational behavior, with professional certification AIF (Italian Trainer Association). He comes from the corporate world in which he has twenty years of experience in the commercial sector and export trade, particularly with the German automotive industry.

Has developed its own training with a network of professionals and individual schooling at the University of Milan Bicocca, where he studied the learning process.

Has expanded its methodology learning tool of coaching in Germany. Works in the area of ​​human resource development and has gained extensive experience in the training of middle management: management and employee development, leadership, organizational communication, facilitation of responsible behavior in security (for supervisors), both at classroom to level and at individual coaching level. He analize the organisational climate in order to improve it.
With Confindustria Bergamo he manages training interventions.

Talks the three main European languages​​: German, English and French.



Via dei Partigiani 4
24121 Bergamo

Operational offices

Via Serenissima 42
24020 Scanzorosciate