“Eticonsult is consulting in an ethical way”

We at Eticonsult want to work with our customers in a ethic way to the todays challenges.

In a world of limited ressources, an economic effective use of them means more an effective than an efficient use of those ressources. Being able to obtain the wanted results investing a minor quantity of ressources /time, people, machines, capitals ...) means being more effective than the market, in that sense winners in the short and in the mid-long term.

For the reasons above Eticonsult is the ideal partner for all those companies that are looking forward to improuve in a costant way their approach tho the business and their continuos search of better results: 

tomorrow we will do better than today



Via dei Partigiani 4
24121 Bergamo

Operative offices

Via Serenissima 42
24020 Scanzorosciate

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